TPV Assured


The One & Only Rosehill TPV

Rosehill TPV is a brand name synonymous with superior UV stability and long-term ageing properties.

TPV Assured is an anti-counterfeit system that has been added to Rosehill TPV for brand protection. This innovative covert technology secures the integrity of the genuine product and the instant detection of fakes.

A built-in identifier is incorporated during the manufacturing process to the full range of TPV colours and ensures that an imposter can be quickly uncovered.

Clients and architects can trust that when they specify Rosehill TPV for its high quality and unique material properties, our legitimate brand has been used. Invisible to the naked eye and lasting the lifetime of your installation, the TPV Assured system is only identifiable with one of Rosehill’s detection units.

Developed as a high quality rubber granule specifically for sports, play and leisure environments, Rosehill TPV comes with our quality promise and significant benefits, including:

These benefits and others, have made Rosehill TPV the product of choice for specifiers around the world. TPV Assured now gives you the peace of mind that you are using The One & Only Rosehill TPV.

Rosehill TPV