Rosehill TPV vs Far Eastern EPDM

Both Rosehill TPV and EPDM granules were bonded with Rosehill Flexilon 1102 slow binder and Flexilon 1118 medium cure and aged alongside one another for four actual months (2880 hours total in the machine).

The EPDM granules from a Far Eastern Supplier, showed considerable whitening and also the surface became much harder. The degradation was quite substantial.

The time in the QUV weather machine equates to almost four years in a moderately sunny climate. However, probably approximately only 2 years in a Mediterranean climate.

The Rosehill TPV samples show little if any deterioration, any minor colour change on the TPV that is visible is due to the binder and not the granules.

Rosehill TPV vs Far Eastern EPDM

Rosehill TPV