Pioneers In Innovation

Rosehill TPV was developed by Rosehill Polymers, a leading expert in applied polymer technology, as a more robust and versatile alternative to the EPDM granules offered by our competitors.

Rosehill TPV coloured rubber granules are unique in that there is no other similar product presently available on the market.

EPDM is the generic terminology. It does not guarantee that the material supplied will be of high quality and offer good UV stability.

The Rosehill Polymers Group is at the forefront of innovative polymer technology. Our range of systems are continually being developed for a wide variety of uses deployed across a diverse range of global industries and applications.

We are continually developing new products and technologies to meet customers’ needs through the use of effective R&D. We offer you significant market advantage, whether it is in the development of new process machinery, laboratory equipment or chemical formulations. 

Our entire team of engineers and chemists are highly motivated and are actively encouraged to pursue and develop new ideas without the delays often caused by complex management procedures.

Rosehill TPV