A massive investment in a unique purpose-built, high capacity plant, designed and built by Rosehill engineers, ensures that the materials can be made on a continuous basis with compounding, peroxide vulcanisation, granulation and packaging all in line. At the present time we are the only UK manufacturer of coloured rubber granules.

Everything has been designed to manufacture TPV rubber granules efficiently in our quality-controlled production facility, ensuring continuous product consistency throughout, at extremely competitive prices.

Rosehill Polymers have been at the forefront of continuous reactor technology for several years and the latest version of their reactor for liquid products can produce pre-polymers at a rate of 1,000 kg every 13 minutes.

The process requires only one operator and has quickly brought significant environmental benefits while improving manufacturing flexibility, efficiency, product quality and consistency. Rosehill are now applying this same production technology to the production of PUR adhesives.

In all aspects of the business Rosehill are looking to adopt a ‘lean manufacturing’ approach and state-of-the-art technologies are making a substantial contribution. The processes offer tremendous space-saving compared with batch reactors and production speeds are much higher. There are no limits to quantity and continuous reactor technology benefits customers significantly by giving Rosehill the capability of switching between products quickly and easily.