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The Only True UK Manufacturer of Coloured Rubber Granules

Everything has been designed to manufacture TPV rubber granules efficiently in our quality-controlled production facility, ensuring continuous product consistency throughout, at extremely competitive prices.

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Pioneers In Polymer Innovation

The Rosehill Polymers Group is at the forefront of innovative polymer technology. Our range of systems are continually being developed for a wide variety of uses deployed across a diverse range of global industries and applications. Learn more.



New Colour Dishes Available

You can now order a set of our up-to-date colour dishes featuring the full range of standard Rosehill TPV colours. Presented in three dishes, the swatches are a very useful set when specifying TPV for your projects. Use our contact form to order your set, or give us a call on +44 (0)1422 839 456.

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Need some inspiration? Our online TPV Colour Mixer can help you!

If you have a limited number of colours - don't worry, by using the Rosehill TPV Colour Mixer you can create a unique blend for your client or project. Even with a few basic TPV colours you can create a custom palette that really stands out. You can add 2, 3 or more of one TPV colour and your mix is displayed in increments of five percent. When you have finished your blend, simply save the colour as a PDF and give us a call. We can then deliver the proportions of Rosehill TPV for you to mix on-site. Simple!

Click here to use the Rosehill TPV Colour mixer.

Rosehill TPV Colour Mixer